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How to build a fire you can build a fire fairly easily with the right materials and tools gather tinder kindling and fuel wood to start and maintain a warming fire to keep things safe remember to always build your fire at least awaythere is a primal link between man and fire every man should know how to start one a manly man knows how to start one without matches its an essential survival skill you never know when youll find yourself in a situation where youll need a fire but you dont have matches maybe your knowing how to start a fire is one of the most critical elements to surviving an emergency or wilderness survival situation hopefully youre carrying some kind of fire starting gear in your edc or your go bag but if not there are many ways to start a firewarning building a fire is dangerous and should be done with caution kids under the age of 15 should not handle fire it is not a game and it is never okay to play with fire never burn plastic in a fire because harmful chemicals will be released in the air do not throw fireworks of any sort in a how to start a fire with sticks if youre camping or hiking and discover you have forgotten the matches knowing how to start a fire with sticks is a very useful skill the bow drill and hand drill method are well established

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